It's all about that Drip.

(..and while we are talking about coffee in this blog, we don't actually do drip coffee). 

The first thing I do when I get to any city is to try and get my bearings. I need a download on what's happening, where I shop, the best eats, and, most importantly, which coffee shops I'm going to be spending all of my time and money at. Los Angeles was no different. While I was no stranger to the city, I had been a distant friend to DTLA. This trip, however, things were going to be a bit different. I’d be calling DTLA my home for the next month so we had some discovering and adventuring to do. Naturally, we start with what's close to home. So I went for my first caffeinated adventure on the ground floor of Level South Olive. We'll start there and continue down along six coffee shops to explore for yourself next time you're downtown Los Angeles. 

Happy sipping!
- Ally

Cognoscenti Coffee, 868 S. Olive Street

Cognoscenti Coffee DTLA
DTLA Coffee

This team has one goal: to provide an enjoyable and approachable experience. They source primarily washed coffees placing the priority in cup clarity and sustainability. I spent the most amount of time here, likely because it was easy being right below Level South Olive - but the coffee here truly didn't disappoint. I also loved how small + intimate the team was. They were always so friendly, welcomed my dog every day, and remembered my name and order. Fun fact: its a café by day, wine bar & bottle shop by night – Good Clean Fun takes over the space from 5pm daily.

Favorite Orders: Oat Cortado + Iced Oat Chagaccino.

no ghost bears

No Ghost Bears, 103 - 305 E. 8TH Street

This spot was my favourite spot to hang for coffee in all of DTLA. Hands down. The seating here is limited but the vibes here are high! This independently-owned award-winning shop focuses on serving up small batch, hand-roasted coffee beans + treats to the community of Los Angeles. They even boast some love from Forbes who gave them a shoutout for the best espresso in LA! Head in and order whatever floats your boat, but the barista recommended the "Bruce Lee" and serves it up with their famous pink-heart straws.

Stumptown Coffee, 929 S Broadway

My home-base is the PNW so I always gravitate to some time at Stumptown. You can find them brewing on S Broadway inside of Lovage (a few blocks away from Level South Olive), or over in the Arts District (806 S Santa Fe Ave). I always opt for a classic iced americano with their "Hair Bender" espresso, a splash of oat and (dare I say it?) some vanilla.

Verve Coffee Roasters, 806 S Santa Fe Ave

Aesthetic +moody vibes. This place has it.

Verve came highly recommended as a fan favourite from a lot of people. Personally, I found the coffee to be on the acidic side which I don't find as enjoyable if I'm sipping on an espresso. But the inside of the shop was a great place to hang out! I asked the barista to make me something they're most known for and I was served up "The Missle ''. Double espresso, coffee concentrate, half half cream, and vanilla.

Matte Black
Photo courtesy of @matteblackcoffee

Tierra Mia Coffee, 653 S Spring St

Two words: Horchata Latte. I walked in, said "surprise me with the best thing on the menu" and voila! Steamed oat milk, espresso, horchata powder, vanilla and cinnamon. It was a sweet afternoon pick-me-up wrapped in a blanket.

You: “WTF is horchata?”

Me: “I didn’t know either but It’s immaculate”

Internet: Authentic horchata is made with water, ground rice, cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla.

Treat yourself, amirite?

Matte Black Coffee, 1001 S. Broadway Unit C

If you want to do it for the ‘gram - DTLA’s new coffee spot, Matte Black, will provide you with plenty of caffeinated photo opportunities. This unique and artistic concept boasts the world’s first cold brew bar while stimulating your creative side with an immersive illustrative experience.

Well friends, there you have it.
Six not-to-miss coffee shops for your caffeine fix while in Los Angeles. The best part? They're all walking distance from all three Level locations in DTLA. Happy sipping and be sure to upload your photos and tag @stayinglevel to let us know which neighborhood shop wins your vote!