The Hidden Gems of Seattle's Cocktail Scene

While Seattle is often best known for its prominent coffee culture, the city is also home to a variety of quaint and cozy craft cocktail spaces. For those in search of thoughtful, artsy, craft concoctions paired with charming aesthetics, we’ve uncovered a few hidden gems that promise to deliver these and more. The spaces vary from recently opened bars to Seattle staples, some of which feature inventive libations, historic symbolisms and speakeasy-inspired decor.

Bathtub Gin & Co.

Bathtub Gin & Co. made its home in what used to be the boiler room of an historic, old brick hotel. Located about a 5-min drive from our Level South Lake Union location, this space offers a cozy and relaxed vibe with a miniature speakeasy-styled bar. True to its name, Bathtub Gin & Co. features a range of gin and tonics, in addition to classic cocktails and daring bartender creations. The warm feel makes it a favorite hideaway for an intimate, rainy Seattle night.

ZigZag Cafe Seattle
Photo courtesy of @zigzagcafeseattle

Zig Zag Café

One of Seattle’s staples, Zig Zag, is nestled just beneath Pike Place market, across the street from the Seattle Aquarium. The bar features an outside patio and a candle-lit, warm interior space with a sophisticated ambiance. Zig Zag is known for its unique take on quality cocktails and well-versed bartenders. A favorite, original concoction is the Trident, which became an international hit years ago when sherry began its upward trending status.

The Hideout

Another true to its name hidden gem, The Hideout, is tucked away in the heart of First Hill on Boren Ave, just 5-min from Level South Lake Union. Your eyes may take a moment to adjust to the dark atmosphere, but the signature spicy and smokey drinks may certainly help to keep you alert. The owners, Greg Lundgren and Jeff Scott, fashioned the space with hints of glamour, art and culture. With no previous bar operation experience, they modeled it as the type of place they’d like to hang out in.

Gold Bar

Gold Bar takes an inventive approach to classic Caribbean cocktails paired with Latin American nibbles. Located less than a 10-min walk from Level South Lake Union, this bar features black walls and gold pineapple sculptures. It is a hotspot for social hangs, office gatherings and even disco parties. Fan favorites include their margaritas, frozen rosés and the kimchi-spiced Mint Gin Fizz.

Deep Dive

Previously a Curtis Steiner art installation, this cocktail lounge can be found at the base of Seattle’s infamous Spheres. Patrons are encouraged to don smart attire to match the marquee hotel inspired bar. Deep Dive offers a wide variety of classic and creative cocktails, along with upscale, European bar snacks.


Bryan Jarr created this intimate space from inspiration gathered during his Portugal and north of Spain travels. His adventures and deep love for all this sea birthed JarrBar. The bar features cured seafood and meats that pair well with classic cocktails and wines from Iberia. The Tapas selection includes piparra peppers, boquerones, marcona almonds and more.

Rob Roy Seattle
Photo courtesy of @robroyseattle

Rob Roy

Rob Roy is a classic cocktail lounge with a dark, intimate atmosphere, located in Belltown. The drink selection has elements of “punk cheek” sprinkled throughout and celebrates ingredients from all over the world. Some happy hour favorites include ‘Flatliner Boiler Maker’, ‘Warm Them Bones’ and ‘The Bitter Bird’.

Phởcific Standard Time (PST)

Yenvy and Quynh Pham build upon their family legacy and also physically above their family owned restaurant, Phobac, as sisters and co-owners of this speakeasy-styled cocktail bar. Often referred to as P.S.T., the bar is known for its modern take on drinks, using Vietnamese ingredients and flavors. A standout on the menu is their Vietnamese coffee cocktail made with aquavit and chartreuse egg yolk custard. Other ingredients found in P.S.T.’s drink selection include pickled leeks, artichoke tea, and surprisingly pho broth.