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Tips for Multi-Generational Travel

Multi-generational travel refers to a type of vacation or getaway where multiple generations of a family (or extended family), including grandparents, parents, and children, travel together. This trend has become increasingly popular in recent years, as families seek to spend quality time together and create shared experiences that will be cherished for a lifetime!

The Rise of Multi-Generational Travel

Since the pandemic, the way people travel has changed substantially, and multi-generational travel is a stand out among the rising trends in a post-COVID world. According to a survey conducted by Airbnb, more than a third of respondents (35%) said they were planning to travel with extended family or grandparents in the next 12 months.

This survey also revealed that the main reason for multi-generational travel was to spend quality time with family (75%) and to make up for lost time due to the pandemic. This trend is not limited to just one region, either. In fact, another recent survey by Virtuoso (a global network of luxury travel advisors) found that 65% of their advisors reported an increase in requests for multi-generational travel bookings in 2021 compared to pre-pandemic levels.

The rise of multi-generational travel reflects a desire for families to reconnect and create shared experiences. With multiple people and varying needs these types of trips can mean extra work to plan. We’ve come up with a few tips to help you get started.

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1. Find Accommodations That Fit Everyone's Needs

One of the most important parts of a successful multi-generational vacation is finding the right accommodations. Let’s face it; a standard hotel layout with beds side-by-side might not exactly work for a party of multiple people, and getting everyone their own room can be quite costly. That’s why it’s important to find accommodations where everyone can have their own space while also providing a communal area. At Level, we’re proud to offer several options for spacious two- and three-bedrooms apartment-style suites that will fit everyone very comfortably. And while most accommodations tend to be located off the grid, with Level you can stay in vibrant destinations with the best of the city just outside your door. Enjoy the convenience of staying close to attractions, transit options and more.r nightly cost than a regular hotel stay. Plus, Level offers preferred pricing for pets (did we mention our accommodations are pet friendly?) and convenient onsite parking.

2. Determine Finances Early

Trips can be expensive, and no one likes a surprise bill at the end of the vacation. Instead, plan out your finances and budget early. While accommodations are generally one of the priciest components of a trip, Level is proud to offer competitive rates compared to standard hotels and short-term rentals. With our in-suite kitchens, guests can also benefit from saving money on dining out while getting to enjoy a home cooked meal in the comfort of their suite. For more information on our rates, contact us here.

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3. Designate One Main Planner

The duration of your stay is completely customizable to fit your needs, whether you’re visiting on business for four weeks or you are in-between homes for six months. Each location offers a range of suite sizes depending on your needs, from generously sized studios to sprawling three-bedroom residences. To start a conversation about your extended stay, feel free to fill out our extended stay inquiry form and one of our experts will be able to help you curate your perfect stay.

4. Don't Overschedule

Last but not least, respect everyone’s individual privacy and don’t overschedule the trip. Leave some room to explore the neighborhood or take advantage of downtime. Sometimes the best memories are made when there is no plan at all.

While staying at a Level property you can expect a collection of unique lifestyle amenities for everyone in the family to enjoy. With rooftop pools, cabanas, game rooms, sport courts, theatre rooms, and more, there is no shortage of fun to be had all while on the premises.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to gather up the grandparents and the kids and make memories to last a lifetime? We encourage you to do so, and if you’re planning on having your trip in LA, Seattle, Vancouver, Long Beach, or Chicago, we’d love to have you stay with us at Level Hotels and Furnished Suites.