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Your Guide to Extended Hotel Stays

In the past few years, extended hotel stays have become increasingly popular over their short-term rental competitors due to the convenience and elevated service experience. In fact, Travel Daily News reported that the extended hotel stays market was valued at 48.6 billion USD in 2022, and is projected to reach 132.4 billion USD over the next decade.

Level Hotels & Furnished Suites is proud to offer extended hotel stays in some of North America’s most popular metropolitan areas, from Vancouver and Seattle to Los Angeles and Chicago. Whether you’re visiting one of these cities on a business trip for a month, or you live locally but need a place to stay during a renovation, our furnished suites are the perfect home away from home.

So, what is all the fuss about? What makes extended hotel stays more appealing than a short-term rental or lease? Today we’re answering all of your questions in this complete guide to the extended hotel stay experience.


What is an extended stay hotel?

An extended hotel stay is exactly what it sounds like — it means temporarily moving into a hotel accommodation for longer than the average vacation time. In addition to the benefits of regular hotel services and amenities, most often these hotels cater to a longer stay guest by offering accommodations that feature work, living areas and kitchens or kitchenettes. While the concept may have seemed foreign a few years ago, nowadays, travelers and locals alike are opting for hotels over temporarily renting apartments or staying at short-term rentals.

What are the benefits of an extended hotel stay?

There are several benefits to opting for an extended hotel stay when in need of long-term temporary accommodation. Our hotels are filled with state-of-the-art lifestyle amenities that are readily available to our guests. From a rooftop basketball court in DTLA to Seattle’s only hotel with three pools and a karaoke room, Level Hotels & Furnished Suites is changing the way you stay.

Each of Level’s properties have been designed with a unique collection of resort-inspired amenities designed with you in mind, allowing you to do the things you love no matter your location. Spend the day exploring Vancouver by bike and finish off with a poolside snooze. Follow a game of pick-up on a rooftop court with a memorable night on the town. Kickstart your day in DTLA with a yoga class before virtual meetings in the co-workspace. Enjoy a family games night in the kids’ lounge and then post-bedtime parents’ time on your private balcony. Pick up farm-fresh items at the local market for an al fresco dinner on the terrace, followed by a lively karaoke session.

One of the main in-suite perks that our guests experience while staying with Level is the bi-weekly housekeeping. Sounds too good to be true. Believe us; it’s not!

Another benefit to extended stay hotels is the in-suite kitchens. When you stay Level, you can expect full kitchens that boast premium appliances and everything you need to enjoy home cooked meals during your stay in the city. On top of that, we can also arrange grocery service for our guests, which is particularly appealing for those from out of town who may not know where to shop for their groceries.

We are also proud to offer 24-hour guest services for our guests. If you have questions about the area, need help stocking your suite, have last minute changes to your arrival or departure, or need assistance with something in your suite, we’ve got you covered. Think of our staff as your in-house hosts that are always available to address your needs. For a full list of our in-suite amenities, click here!

Guests staying longer than 30 nights enjoy the benefit of tax free rates and at a lower nightly cost than a regular hotel stay. Plus, Level offers preferred pricing for pets (did we mention our accommodations are pet friendly?) and convenient onsite parking.

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What kind of options does Level provide for extended hotel stays?

The duration of your stay is completely customizable to fit your needs, whether you’re visiting on business for four weeks or you are in-between homes for six months. Each location offers a range of suite sizes depending on your needs, from generously sized studios to sprawling three-bedroom residences. To start a conversation about your extended stay, feel free to fill out our extended stay inquiry form and one of our experts will be able to help you curate your perfect stay.

How much does an extended hotel stay cost?

We know what you’re thinking: staying at a hotel for months is going to break the bank, right? Not necessarily! Our extended stay rates are always competitive with the average cost of rent in the cities we operate in. The best part? No utility bills, no amenity fees, no taxes, and free wifi! The longer you stay, the more attractive the rates become. We invite you to inquire through our website about the cost of your extended stay!

It’s safe to say that extended hotel stays are far more than just a trend; they are the future of hospitality and accommodation…and for good reason. If you have any questions or concerns about what Level’s extended hotel stays include, please don’t hesitate to reach out here. We can't wait to welcome you.